Meri Crusher Services Leicestershire

With material costs escalating, the recycling of the existing material together with the crushing and recycling of existing tracks has become common place, with hundreds of miles of the UK being repaired using Meri Crushes every year. The versatile Meri Crusher is capable of handling stumps, roots, branches, ice, soil, gravel and asphalt… almost anything!



At Brian Goodacre Agricultural Contractors, our wide range of Meri Crusher services is available 10 months of the year, with all work completed to the strictest of standards. With quality at the front of our trading practices, we are proud to have recently completed work on the prestigious Belvoir Estate. More information about our Meri Crusher hire in Leicester.

Hedge Cutting & Trimming

With over 30 years’ experience in agricultural hedge cutting, we carry out hedge work with a side mounted flail hedge cutter, enabling us to plant all types of hedging in season. It creates a thick barrier from untidy, straggly hedges and has great conservation and wildlife values.

Hedge cutters are available from standard (5.5mtr) to long reach (8mtr) arms that can cut through between 5cm (2in) up to 30cm (7in) with a circular saw. Using this comprehensive equipment enables us to deal with large, field bound hedges, shaping and controlling their growth very effectively. We can also cut down trees of substantial maturity.

Flail Mowing

Flail mowers are suitable for cutting most things from normal grass to brambles and scrub. A full width roller controls the exact cutting height and can be set to protect the blades against stones and uneven ground.

The standard grass blades can be used on most types of growth. They are also reversible which means that they have twice the normal life expectancy. The tractor mounting system allows for up to 7 inches of side shift to cut closer to footpaths etc.

Paddock Spraying

Our competitive paddock spraying services are available throughout Leicestershire and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive range of paddock spraying services ensures the thorough maintenance of equestrian facilities and grazing areas.

Road Restoration

Is your private road or track suffering from poor maintenance and general wear and tear? Our Meri Crusher service will bring the surface back to life at the fraction of the cost of laying a new road.

Digger Work

With mini diggers, 1.5 and 5 tonne compact diggers at our disposal, we can cover a wide variety of applications including land clearance, creating ditches an French drains.

Mobile Welding

With a great deal of experience in welding, our mobile welders offer a cost effective solution for iron gate repairs, railings and balustrades, as well as machinery repairs to name a few.

Farm Work

With a great deal of agricultural knowledge, our farm work services are ideal for those people looking to hire an experienced farm hand, or those who need the advice of and experience from an expert. Whatever your requirements, we’re more than confident in meeting your needs.

For more information on our Meri-crusher services in Leicestershire, call Brian Goodacre Agricultural Contractors today on: 07850 988 375

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